Five (Uncommon) Ways to Give Fall a Warm Welcome

We thought we'd change things up with some slightly offbeat ways to enjoy fall this year.

Uncommon Decorations

Uncommon decorations

Inside and out, set a subtle seasonal mood with pumpkins, ravens, crows and owls, twisted branches, bunched grasses, cast-off signs and containers from your local fruit stand, and old glass bottles. Use acorns or nuts to anchor candles in clear holders. Decorate for each holiday with seasonal décor and home accessories.

Uncommon Vintage

Uncommon vintage

Serve up delicious wines when guests come to visit. Hold impromptu tastings of your favorite vintages along with serving a variety of tasty hor d'oeuvres and appetizers. Want to sample that vintage bottle without wasting a drop? The Coravin wine systems let you pour without popping the cork.

Uncommon Fall Sports Outing

Uncommon Sports Outing

Go team! Even if you don't have a student in attendance, what better way to celebrate the season than to attend a football game at your local college or university? Get a group of friends together and rent a slot for tailgating. If you have a smaller group, research the best stadium-side pub to check out the spirited pre-game festivities. Get the kids involved in making a crafty over-the-top sign to cheer on the home team. Be sure to take lots of pictures!

Uncommon Edible Table Decorations

Uncommon Edible Table Decorations

Go beyond candy corn for your centerpieces and place settings! Make mini s'mores with chocolate squares, tiny marshmallows or seasonal Peeps, and “crackers” baked from premium refrigerated cookie dough. (We recommend Trader Joe's Gingerbread Molasses; if you're short on time, go with a box of mini grahams). Seek out salt water taffy, gumdrops and penny candy in fall colors. Balance the sugar with a variety of delicious, uber-nutritious nuts.

Uncommon “Trick or Treat” Game For Grownups

Here's our very favorite idea — start a Boo chain in your neighborhood or office:

Uncommon Game
  • Download this printable BOO ghost and “how to” instructions. Print 2 copies. If you prefer not to boo again, print a 3rd copy to leave hanging on your door or office so that people know you've already been booed.
  • Prepare two gift baskets full of fall goodies for your neighbors or friends. Don't forget to tuck copies of the BOO game instructions in there too.
  • Leave the basket at their door or office and tape the printable BOO where they won't miss it (be sneaky). Now it's their turn to spread the fun!