Buying Guide

Steamist Total Sense Spa System

Showers continue to replace bathtubs in master bathrooms. One way to preserve the luxurious and relaxing feel of a bathtub is to incorporate steam into your bathroom design. The Steamist Total Sense Spa System has everything you need to turn your shower into a luxurious retreat.

Steam shower components

Components You'll Need

A steamproof stall approved for steam

To prevent build up of mold and mildew, the steam shower must be completely enclosed and sealed off to contain the moisture generated by the steam (a good bathroom vent fan helps too).

A generator

The size of the generator needed corresponds to the size of your steam shower. It should be installed within 25 feet of the shower and easily accessible for maintenance. A sink vanity or linen closet nearby are great locations to consider.

A steamhead

The steamhead is the part that releases the steam. They tend to get very hot so be sure to install it at a safe distance from the seating area and when using oils add the droplets in before turning on the steam system.

A control panel

A control panel is needed to operate the steam system. Some control panels allow you to pre-program steam temperature, AromaSense, ChromaSense, and AudioSense settings for up to two users. It also connects to Wi-Fi so you can control your steam system from an app downloaded right onto your smartphone.

Optional Components


Bluetooth enabled speakers allow you to unwind while listening to your favorite songs or soundscapes from any Bluetooth enabled device. Steamist's invisible speakers can even be installed behind your shower walls for a sleek look.


This option allows you to select from 7 different light colors. Each color corresponds to a unique psychological and physical therapeutic effect.


With AromaSense you can install up to 2 essential oils of your choice that add fragrance to the steam. The Total Sense deluxe spa package combines all three technologies for the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Remote Control

A remote control allows you to change your steam settings without having to get up from your bench.

Optional steam shower components

The Benefits Of Steam Showers

Relaxation and stress relief

Steam showers increase blood circulation which helps your muscles relax.

Pain relief

The heat from steam can help manage pain from muscle inflammation.

Skin health

Steam opens pores and increases perspiration which can help flush out skin irritations.

Respiratory health

The gentle moist air that steam provides can help open up your airways and relieve respiratory problems.

Weight loss

Increased temperatures speed up your metabolism which can help you burn more calories.