Ironing Boards

A well groomed and neat appearance makes a difference. Don't get caught in wrinkled clothes. A well-ironed shirt looks crisp and fresh instead of rumpled. But not all clothes come out of the dryer looking perfect. You will need an iron and an ironing board to give your clothes a quality touch up to make them and you look their best.

If you iron on a regular basis, you should pick a sturdy, quality ironing board that will last for years. A full size board makes ironing go faster and easier. If you have limited space, a smaller portable model will work too. Ironing boards can be free-standing, wall-mounted, or tabletop in design. A wall-mounted one folds up into its own cabinet out of sight when not in use, but you can only iron in that one location. A freestanding board can be used anywhere (think setting it up in front of the TV to watch as you iron) and folds flat for storage. You will need a rack or closet to store it in however. Tabletop models are great for small items and quick touch ups. Besides an ironing board, invest in one or two ironing board covers. The thicker the padding, the better the results. Remember to replace them every couple of years if you iron frequently.