Barware & Glassware Favorites

Barware, Carts & Accessories

Garner a reputation as the host with the most when you stock up on your favorite glassware, barware, and accessories for entertaining. Find your favorite glassware in our selection of beer mugs, champagne flutes, and cocktail glasses, available in assorted sizes, including highball, double old fashioned, martini, cordial, and shot. We offer glassware in crystal clear, amber, green, blue, red, and other vibrant colors to complement your existing barware collection. Stock your bar with accessories for entertaining: Use a sturdy cutter and corkscrew to open your favorite libation; dispense wine or whisky from the bottle and into a carafe or decanter for an elegant presentation; put bottles on ice in a galvanized, stainless steel, or crystal bucket. Store a handful of bottles, or a large collection, in one of our sturdy metal or wood wine racks. A wine rack makes an impressive display and keeps bottles properly stored until you’re ready to uncork your favorite vintage; explore wine racks in conventional styles, full storage cabinets, or novelty shapes. Bar carts made in glass, acrylic, metal, or wood pull double duty for storing or serving. Keep your favorite barware, bottles, and glassware on the cart when not in use; load it with drinks, wheel it through your party area, and serve guests as they mingle and relax. A bar cart with multiple shelves offers plenty of space for your entertaining accessories. Browse the barware and glassware favorites at Riverbend Home and find options to make home entertaining more exciting and enjoyable.