French Cookware

French Cookware, Cutlery, Utensils & Kitchen Products

Experience the joy of cooking with assorted pieces from the collection of French cookware, flatware, utensils, and cutlery at Riverbend Home. Explore high-quality French cookware from makers who combine modern technology and traditional manufacturing techniques to create attractive pieces that stand the test of time. Browse the selection and find French products and accessories for your kitchen perfect for daily use, yet tasteful enough to bring out for special occasions.

The premier name in French cookware, Le Creuset offers baking dishes, Dutch ovens, grill pans, braisers, and saucepans constructed in durable enameled cast iron, stoneware, and stainless steel. Enameled cast iron Le Creuset cookware and bakeware come in the company’s signature colors of Flame, Cerise, Artichaut, Caribbean, Marseille, Meringue, Licorice, and Oyster to mix and match with other kitchen products.

French company Jean Dubost creates stainless steel cutlery and flatware with sturdy wood or colorful acrylic handles in assorted colors to match your existing kitchen accessories. French Home cookware is crafted in enameled cast iron and includes bright pieces that match your kitchen décor, from red hot braisers to cool blue Dutch ovens. Berard of France offers elegant, yet practical kitchen tools and accessories made in rustic olive wood. Find Berard wooden boards, bowls, and utensils for cooking and serving your favorite French cuisine.

Staub’s selection of French kitchen products and accessories includes utensils, stoneware baking dishes, and cast iron cookware that goes directly from the stovetop to the table. Staub offers stainless steel replacement knobs for 1-quart and larger cocottes; find them in whimsical shapes from farm animals to marine life, or opt for straightforward replacement knobs in assorted sizes for pot and pan lids. Staub cocottes come in novel shapes, including pumpkins, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, that add charm to your stovetop and table.