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Colorful and Durable Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware for the Busy Kitchen

Hard anodized aluminum cookware features a finish that prevents the metal from reacting with acidic foods to preserve its flavor and provides a smooth, hard surface that is very durable. Aluminum cookware conducts heat well and is not as pricey as some other materials. The hard anodized surface is fused into the metal, making it more durable than traditional nonstick and non-reactive to acidic foods, and resistant to corrosion and to abrasion. Plus, the finish is available in a variety of stylish colors to complement your kitchen decor. Hard anodized cookware includes a variety of pan types including skillets, saute pans, saucepans, stock pots, griddles, grill pans, woks, steamers, pasta pots, and fry pans. Some popular brands for hard anodized cookware includes Circulon, Rachael Ray, Anolon. Ayesha Curry, and Le Creuset.