Outdoor Warmth

Fire Pits, Patio Heaters & Chimineas

Extend your outdoor living through the transitional seasons with the warmth of a fire pit or patio heater. Explore our selection of outdoor heating products, including fire pits, space heaters, and chimineas, in a variety of shapes, finishes, and sizes that seamlessly blend with your patio or backyard décor. However chilly the climate where you live, you'll find options to extend the summer season—even after the snowflakes start to fall.

Propane & Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Riverbend Home offers a large selection of propane gas and wood-burning fire pits. Ideal for gatherings small to large, a fire pit imparts warmth and ambiance to your backyard, patio, or other outdoor space. Explore fire pits running the gamut from coffee table propane-fueled models to large wood-burning bowl-shaped designs. Our propane and wood-burning fire pits come in sturdy, durable materials that stand up to the heat and the weather, including steel, copper, and aluminum. Available in elaborate shapes with whimsical cutouts to suit a contemporary home or uncomplicated designs for traditional décor, these attractive fire pits speak to a variety of style sensibilities.

Patio & Outdoor Space Heaters

Patio and space heaters have become more popular than ever as more people enjoy outdoor dining. Available in electric and propane models, outdoor space heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes for patios, porches, decks, and backyards. Use a hanging or wall-mounted heater where floor space is limited. Portable outdoor heaters move with you to keep the heat close by, and freestanding umbrella heaters spread the warmth when you’re entertaining a crowd. Energy-efficient patio heaters are ideal for either residential or commercial use.


Perfect for entertaining in cool weather, a chiminea fire pit is a self-contained unit that spreads warmth over a large area. The slender, self-contained chiminea channels smoke upward and casts a lovely glow on a small patio. Opt for a chiminea with a heavy-duty screen or glass door if your family includes small children or pets.

Explore fire pits, space heaters, and chimineas at Riverbend Home and find attractive, utilitarian, and efficient options to warm your outdoor spaces.