Ready-to-Ship Utility Products

Utility, Condensate & Macerating Pumps

When you need utility products for your home or commercial space ASAP, explore our selection of ready-to-ship items and get your parts delivered fast. Manage your workload with a high-powered utility, condensate, or macerating pump that transfers or removes groundwater, effluent, and sewage quickly and efficiently. These submersible and non-submersible utility pumps are made in cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and other rugged materials that stand up to continual use at home or on the worksite. Keep sump, utility, macerating, and sewage pumps running in top condition with the right parts and accessories, whether it's an extension pipe kit for a sanitation system or a neutralizer for a condensate pump. Search the options at Riverbend Home and find ready-to-ship utility products and pumps for your renovation or repair project.