Sloan Plumbing & Parts

In 1906, Elvis Sloan changed the plumbing world with the invention of the Royal Flushometer, a one-piece unit that replaced the traditional tank-and-chain fixture in the bathroom. Today, Sloan designs energy-efficient plumbing products that meet and exceed industry standards and customer expectations. Sloan’s line of commercial plumbing parts and accessories is engineered to endure heavy, continual use in a busy facility, and features technologies that promote smart, sustainable, hygienic restroom solutions.

Toilet and urinal flushometer valves come in traditional manual configurations with easy-to-use levers or modern hands-free designs with motion sensors for more hygienic operation. Toilet bowls and urinals pair perfectly with the flushometers; constructed in sturdy vitreous china, these units come in floor and wall-mount models with user-friendly and water-saving technologies. Battery and solar-powered lavatory faucets offer convenient touch-free sensor activation for hygienic delivery of tempered water. Sloan also manufactures an assortment of repair parts and rebuild kits to keep toilet and urinal flushometers in top working order. Shop Sloan plumbing products and parts at Riverbend Home to find the best options for your commercial or residential bathroom.