Five Top Custom Shower Trends

Goodbye pink tile. Adios discolored grout. So long drippy shower head. When it’s finally time to bid adieu to that old, leaky, and outdated shower in your bathroom and install a new one, it’s your chance to design a shower that better suits your needs and style and say hello to the shower of your dreams. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next bathroom remodeling project, here’s a list of five of the top custom shower design trends.

Use minimalism when it comes to fixtures.

Minimalism in Fixtures

Today’s showers are being designed with a clean, uncluttered look. Sleek, clean lines replace extravagant trims.

Matte Blacks & Brushed Golds

While polished chrome is still a timeless favorite, many bathroom designers are turning to a subtle use of black and gold, with the matte and brushed textures offering a warmth and richness not seen in more traditional design.

Try Brushed Gold for Added style

Digital Control

With smart technology emerging in almost every space in the home, why not incorporate it into your new shower? New controls allow you to enjoy a very personalized showering experience. Some feature thermostats that offer precise temperature control and allow you to coordinate the water pressure of multiple shower functions with the touch of a button. Save time and money when you can immediately deliver the shower you desire with better control.

Luxury Shower Sprays

Enhance your showering experience with luxury shower spray patterns. Some fixtures allow you to surround yourself with lazy droplets like a summer rain or select a spray option to soothe away stress with massaging pressure.

Exposed Shower Pipe

While some homeowners just like the look of the exposed shower pipe systems (they are trending now), others appreciate how the exposed pipe allows for different positioning of the showerhead for different height users. This option also requires less plumbing behind the wall. Plus, this design works well in vintage, modern farmhouse, and industrial style bathrooms.