Artificial Plants & Trees

Faux Plants, Trees & Topiary

Bring nature indoors without the hassle of continual upkeep when you opt for an artificial plant or tree. Riverbend Home offers lush, green faux plants, trees, and topiary that require little care: no watering, no pruning, no repotting, no mess. Artificial plants and trees are ideal for busy people and those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb; simply wipe dust from the foliage and enjoy the beauty. Add a string of lights or tuck in a few artificial flowers to update your greenery throughout the seasons.

Artificial Plants

Hanging from the ceiling or displayed in a sturdy pot, an artificial plant brightens up a room. Our realistic faux plants are made in silk, plastic, PVC, and other durable materials for long-lasting performance. Choose a hanging basket plant overflowing with faux ivy, fern, or flowers to display in rooms with minimal floor space. Place a small artificial cactus or succulent on an end table or desk at home or in the office. A pot of artificial green grass with blossoms, reeds, and other embellishments brightens up a dark corner.

Artificial Trees & Topiary

Today's artificial trees are so realistic they look fresh cut, and they’re available in bamboo, palm, cedar, boxwood, ficus, and other popular styles with the texture and aesthetic you prefer. Find artificial trees and topiary in sizes that run the gamut from 2-foot shrubs to 8-foot palms in an array of shapes, colors, and leaf varieties. A pre-lit artificial tree looks festive indoors or out; a potted faux tree adorned with LED lights arranged on your front porch near the door creates a warm welcome after nightfall. Our collection includes faux trees with bright blooms and fruits, pine cone accents, detailed branches and bark, and sturdy pots or stands that complement your décor.

Explore the options at Riverbend Home and find natural-looking artificial plants and trees to bring life to your indoor and outdoor spaces.