Extension Cords & Power Accessories

Extension Cords, Multi-Plug Outlets & Charging Stations

Deliver a charge where you need it, when you need it, with an extension cord, multi-plug outlet, or other power accessory from Riverbend Home. An extension cord gives you access to one to three extra plugs in scenarios where the electronic product or appliance cord just won’t reach an electrical outlet. Water-resistant and flame retardant, our sturdy outdoor extension cords are designed for heavy-duty jobs. Use a triple-tap outdoor extension cord for a collection of holiday lights, tools for yard work, or power accessories in the garage. Our outdoor extension cords are suitable for indoor use, too, for powering a television, computer, or other electronics and appliances. Find an outdoor extension cord in the length you need, from 25 to 200 feet, to bring power to your accessories.

Eliminate the need for clunky charging adapters and keep your rooms free from cord clutter with a multi-plug outlet that includes USB charging ports. This type of outlet lets you power your electronic devices and accessories in one convenient place. Many of our multi-outlet power strips and plugs include surge protectors. A surge protector features a filter that guards your electronics against sudden jolts of power. Surge protectors also reduce interference, providing cleaner sound and pictures on televisions and computers. Bring extra power to your garage, outdoors, worksite, or office with the extension cords, multi-outlet power strips, and accessories available at Riverbend Home.