Kitchen Towels

Dish & Tea Towels

A kitchen towel does more than dry the dishes; decked out in eye-catching patterns, colors, or embroidery, dish or tea towels can add artistic flair to your kitchen. Our kitchen towels come in solid colors that complement your décor; choose from neutral beige and gray, vibrant green and yellow hues, or bold shades of black and blue. Some dish towels display whimsical slogans and sentimental reminders that the best things in life come from the kitchen. A lightweight tea towel is multi-functional; use it to clean up spills, dry hands between kitchen tasks, or as an impromptu pot holder. Our tea towels are printed with fetching designs running the gamut from fresh produce to vintage recipes. Adorned in pumpkins, bursting with springtime florals, embellished with seashells, or covered in cozy buffalo checks, our kitchen towels and sets come in styles for every season. You can never have too many dish and tea towels: Browse the selection at Riverbend Home and find inspired options for your kitchen.