Garden Décor

Decorative Products for the Lawn & Garden

Enliven your outdoor living spaces with options from our colorful and imaginative garden décor. Our selection of signs, statues, garden arbors, and other decorative products will add interest to your lawn, patio, or porch. Garden décor imparts texture, color, and a sense of style to any outdoor space.

An arched arbor placed at the entrance to your garden encourages climbing plants and offers a showy visual cue for traffic flow, helping to separate and define areas. Use a charming bird bath or feeder to invite feathered friends into the garden. A standing bird bath in sturdy aluminum and gorgeous colored glass or resin attracts the flock to your backyard sanctuary. Provide an avian feast and create a striking display in your garden with an iron, aluminum, or glass mosaic bird feeder.

A fountain, sign, or artwork adds character to your outdoor décor displayed on a fence or exterior wall. An assortment of garden gnomes, statues, and figurines arranged as a playful diorama will bring a smile to the faces of all who pass by. Our mosaic glass gazing balls come in an array of colors and textures that impart visual appeal to your outdoor spaces, while a mirrored globe reflects the sun and creates a dramatic focal point.

Windchimes, air spinners, and weathervanes make good use of a readily available natural resource to transfix the onlooker. We offer options in diverse windchime styles from boho-chic to rustic farmhouse, that produce mood-boosting tones on a front porch or patio. In the absence of wind, opt for an air spinner that twirls smoothly and gracefully from a battery or electric motor, creating eye-catching effects. A sturdy, fully functional weathervane in durable copper or aluminum puts a finishing touch on a rooftop, cupola, or garage.

We also offer a versatile collection of attractive tiki-style torches to stake in the ground or sit atop a table, casting an inviting glow in your garden, or on the porch or patio. Whether you're looking for a traditional tiki design or a contemporary style in colored glass, find the best options in our collection for elegant nighttime illumination. Create a fun and functional space in your garden with outdoor décor from Riverbend Home.