Global Décor & Lighting

Global-Inspired Pieces for an Eclectic Home

Browse global décor at Riverbend Home and find inspired options to impart international flair to your interiors. Whether you have jet-setting sensibilities or prefer an eclectic mix of décor, use this Bohemian style to transform any room into a warm, welcoming space. Global décor incorporates elements from cultures around the world, mixing bold patterns, vibrant colors, and rich textures to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. From window treatments and wall art to accent furniture, throw pillows, and table lamps, find global décor and lighting for your home, and achieve the look you want using these tips.

Mix and Match Color, Pattern, and Style

Global décor’s mix-and-match style is what makes it stand out, and the easiest medium for incorporating different colors, patterns, and styles is textiles. Choose a vibrant upholstered ottoman, patterned window treatments, and a throw blanket with a bold pattern and bright colors. Add an area rug for dimension and contrast; our global collection includes rugs with medallion prints, bold tribal stripes, and other designs to stand out among eclectic décor. When it comes to furniture, don’t limit yourself to a single style, but instead choose pieces that speak to your personal tastes. Global décor offers limitless potential for personalization—but the key to making this eclectic aesthetic seem organized and not cluttered, is intention. When combining a variety of patterns, opt for jewel tones that stay consistent through them all, or keep the palette neutral with a mix of whites, beiges, and warm wood- and leather-colored hues.

Embrace Natural Materials and Textures for Global Furniture, Lighting, and Décor

A hallmark of global style is the use of natural materials and textures—think straw baskets, wicker end tables, rattan furniture, and driftwood-inspired accents. Opt for light fixtures that enhance the space’s eclectic atmosphere; explore our pendant lights with woven or wicker shades, cage-style light fixtures, chandeliers with strings of wooden beads, ceiling fans with leaf-shaped blades, and stunning metal sconces. Add accent lighting with ceramic lamps in aged, earthy textures, or achieve the same effect with pottery on the mantel, bookshelf, or coffee table: We include vases and sculptures in tribal patterns, carved and dimensional designs, and handcrafted styles. Finally, gather a collection of throw pillows covered in tassels, fringe, macramé, or pom-poms to add cozy, global-inspired texture to a sofa, chair, bench, or bed.

Incorporate Internationally Inspired Home Accents

Thoughtful global design should leave the impression of souvenirs you’ve collected on travels. Incorporate artwork and decorative accents inspired by cultures and places around the world. Our collection of global wall décor includes canvases, framed artwork, and sculptures showcasing mandalas, traditional textile and tribal patterns, and exotic animals. From Buddha sculptures to trinket bowls shaped as leaves or feathers, live-edge wood décor to bamboo lanterns—our collection of eclectic global décor allows you to fill your interiors with the pieces that inspire you.

Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your living room, adding eclectic style to your entryway, or creating a Bohemian retreat in the bedroom, you’ll find the accent furniture, lighting, and décor you need at Riverbend Home. Trust your instinct—global décor doesn’t have to be perfect. To simplify your search, set filters to narrow results by style, item type, size, color, and other variables.