Lighted Ceiling Fans

Cool Down With an Attractive Lighted Ceiling Fan

A ceiling light illuminates a space, adds ambiance, and complements the décor; a ceiling fan efficiently circulates air throughout a room to keep you cool in summer and warmer in winter. Combine the two and you get the best of both worlds: a lighted ceiling fan. Riverbend Home offers lighted ceiling fans in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and styles. Explore designs fitted with large blades inspired by Grecian windmills; coastal models with a laidback seaside vibe; industrial-chic cage styles; and ionizing fans in the guise of a chandelier. Add a lighted fan to your patio, porch, or sunroom to help keep you comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors. Many of our ceiling fans come with energy-saving LED lights and remote units for convenient control; our collection also includes smart fans that connect to an app on your tablet or phone. If you’re looking for a fan motor assembly without blades so you can create your own custom design, you’ll find those here, too. Explore our selection of lighted ceiling fans and discover options to match and enhance your home’s décor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Costs?

A ceiling fan not only elevates the look of a room, but it can also help cut energy costs in the summer and winter. In the summertime, a fan circulates the airflow to keep the temperature of the room consistent, reducing the need to run your air conditioning constantly. In the winter, a fan evenly distributes the warm air that accumulates on the ceiling so you can set your thermostat lower and still feel comfortable.

Which Direction Should a Ceiling Fan Spin in the Summer and Winter?

In the warm summer months, set your ceiling fan to spin in a counterclockwise motion to push cool air downward toward the occupants sitting underneath the unit. In the winter, spin the fan in a clockwise motion and use the lowest setting available to pull cool air up from the floor and push warm air down from the ceiling through the room.

Can I Use a Ceiling Fan Outdoors?

To determine whether your ceiling fan is suitable for outdoor use, look at the rating structure. Ceiling fans come with dry, damp, and wet ratings. Exposing a dry-rated fan to moisture is unsafe, making it unsuitable to use in an outdoor space. A damp-rated fan is safe to use in a partially enclosed patio, porch, or other area where moisture exposure is minimal. Choose a wet-rated fan for an outdoor space frequently exposed to the elements.