Alcove Bathtubs

Recessed, Drop-In & Soaking Tubs

Tucked into a recessed nook, an alcove tub is a space-saving solution for a small bathroom. Also called a built-in or recessed tub, an alcove bathtub is surrounded by walls on three sides and features an apron on the exposed front. A drop-in alcove tub is designed with four unfinished sides for placement in a pre-made deck or enclosed area with four walls. We offer recessed and drop-in alcove tubs with supportive back and armrests, built in for comfort.

What Is the Difference Between a Soaking Tub and a Standard Bathtub?

The difference between a regular tub and a soaking tub is the depth. A standard tub averages 19” in height; the average height of a soaking tub is 23”. Since a soaking tub is designed for total immersion in the water, it can soothe sore muscles and joints. An extra-deep soaking tub with lumbar support and neck rest provides the ultimate bathing experience after a long day. Riverbend Home offers soaking tubs designed to fit into a bathroom alcove, so they’re easier to maneuver into a smaller space.

Find a recessed, drop-in, or soaking alcove tub with a left- or right-hand drain to fit your existing pipe configuration.