Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Today’s light bulb knows no limits: LED, halogen, exposed filament, gold tint—how do you determine the best options for your light fixtures? Typically, the bulb you choose will replace one that’s burned out or broken, in an outdoor flood light fixture mounted on the garage, for example, or a landscape fixture on the lawn. When light bulbs need replacing, why not take the opportunity to change up your fixtures with a new eye-catching or energy-saving bulb?

Edison, gold tint, and antique light bulbs cast a warm incandescent glow; exposed filaments offer turn-of-the-century styling and lend nostalgic charm to your fixtures and lamps. Edison bulbs are aptly named, made to look like the first light bulbs Thomas Edison created in the late 1800s. Antique bulbs are ideal for decorative purposes, and add ambiance and retro appeal to the porch or patio—they exude a vintage aesthetic but put out lower lumens than standard incandescent bulbs.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving solutions include halogen, dimmable, and LED light bulbs. Halogens offer high lighting levels but use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs burn cooler and put out significant levels of light while using less energy. Dimmable light bulbs not only reduce energy consumption, but also burn cooler, thereby extending their lifespan. Find dimmable, LED, and halogen light bulbs in flood, landscape, and even exposed filament designs.

Riverbend Home offers a wide variety of light bulbs to match your home décor. Whether you’re looking for exposed filament bulbs for an outdoor candelabra, dimmable flood lights for the kitchen ceiling, or incandescent replacement bulbs for a set of string lights on the patio, explore our options to find the right bulbs for the job.