Flexible Pipe & Radiant Tubing

Tubing, Reels & PE Coil

When you need radiant tubing for plumbing, irrigation, or a project that requires consistent heat transfer, find it at Riverbend Home. We offer top-quality flexible pipe and PE coils that stand up to extreme conditions. Use flexible pipe, radiant tubing, and PE coil for residential and commercial hydronic heating applications and general plumbing jobs. These durable tubes and flexible pipes are resistant to high heat, cold, and chemicals. An important component of radiant heated floors, radiant tubing transfers heat to multiple components in a system—typically from a furnace to other parts of a home. Polyethylene tubing is ideal for commercial water systems, excavations, and municipal service lines. Use polyethylene tubing at home for air conditioning units, sprinkler systems, and submersible pumps. Sturdy and flexible, our pipe, radiant tubing, and PE coils make working within tight and angled spaces easier. Find flexible pipe radiant tubing for your next residential or commercial work project at Riverbend Home.