Two-Piece Toilets

Two-Piece Bathroom Toilets

Browse two-piece toilets at Riverbend Home and discover whether this common bathroom fixture is right for your bathroom. The bowl and tank of a two-piece toilet are separate pieces that attach to each other via bolts and gaskets during installation. The two-piece design makes shipping and handling easier, simplifies disassembly if plumbing problems arise, and is more affordable than a one-piece toilet—but a two-piece toilet is more challenging to clean, as dirt has more places to hide. It is also the most common toilet configuration found in homes.

To add something extra to your bathroom, look for a two-piece toilet with an included bidet seat, high-efficiency flush, integrated cleaning canister, and other premium features. We offer round and elongated toilets as well as more contemporary square options, with rim heights ranging from the standard 15” to an ADA-compliant height between 17” and 19”. Choose from classic white and off-white toilets as well as statement-making options in black, beige, or bone-colored finishes. Whichever style suits your space, you’ll find a two-piece toilet to fit it at Riverbend Home.