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Floor and Table Lamps
Modern Chandeliers

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

As an authorized retailer of some of the top lighting available, Riverbend Home offers an assortment of light fixtures and lighting accessories for your home. Whether you’re defining a space, replacing an old or outdated fixture, or improving the interior design of a well-loved home, you’ll find tasteful options for every home lighting need. A pendant light illuminates a home chef’s workspace on the kitchen island; a chandelier suspended above a large dining room table adds ambiance to family gatherings; a vanity light fixture illuminates and improves utility in a bathroom. Find the lighting fixtures or lamps you need to complete the desired look of a room, from contemporary to traditional, in an assortment of finishes, including brass, chrome, bronze, gold, and matte black.

Illuminate a long space with island or linear lighting, ideal to install over a billiard table, kitchen center island, or patio dining set to create a focal point. A cylindrical linear light supports a minimalist aesthetic; use a single linear pendant to brighten a small section of a room or group several together for added brilliance.

A lighted ceiling fan serves the dual purpose of illumination and air circulation. Set the fan to run counterclockwise in the summer to create a gentle breeze, or clockwise in the winter to pull cool air upward and push warm air down from the ceiling. Choose an overhead fan with a long downrod for a cathedral ceiling; a flush-mount fan works better on a low ceiling.

We offer flush- and semi-flush-mount fixtures for the ceiling from Crystorama, Quoizel, Progress, ELK Lighting, and other top brands. A flush-mount ceiling light installs directly against the ceiling and casts light downward, making a practical lighting solution for a closet, hallway, or staircase. Ideal for an area where space is limited but style is paramount, a semi-flush-mount ceiling light serves as a functional focal point that illuminates an entryway, kitchen, or bathroom beautifully.

Our outdoor lighting fixtures add ambiance for nighttime entertaining and living in exterior home spaces. Create a warm welcome with foyer and entry lighting; a wall sconce installed on either side of the front door guides guests into and out of your home in the dark. Add safety and security to your walkways and driveway with options from our collection of outdoor lighting. From deck step lights to garden path accents, find fixtures in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs at Riverbend Home.

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Variables to Consider When Buying Lighting Online

The biggest challenge in buying online is not seeing the light fixture in person. Be sure to examine carefully all the details on the product page:

  • Product Dimensions – Use painter’s tape to measure out the dimensions where you plan to install the light. This provides a visual perspective on what to expect.
  • Product Manuals – View the installation manual, specification sheet, and repair part information where available.
  • What's Included – Note whether light bulbs are included. If not, how many light bulbs will you need, and what type? Is installation hardware included? If not, what will you need?
  • Light Fixture Brightness – How bright can you expect the light to be? Explore the details about bulb types, wattage, and lumens.
  • Safety Ratings – Find out whether the fixture has a special safety rating when buying lighting for areas exposed to the elements or to moisture.
  • Images and Video – View all provided images and videos of the product.

Whether you’re searching for dramatic foyer and entry lighting in contemporary geometric shapes, or an uncluttered globe-shaped flush-mount ceiling fixture, explore the multitude of options at Riverbend Home to find the lighting that speaks to you. For more advice and inspiration, consult our ‘How to Choose Pendant Lighting’ and ‘How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier’ guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of lighting?

The main types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent lighting, and the most thoughtful interior design incorporates an intentional layering of all three lighting types for balanced illumination.

  • Ambient lighting, sometimes called general lighting, acts as the primary source of illumination in any space. Chandeliers, lighted ceiling fans, flush- and semi-flush mount lights, and other ceiling fixtures can all provide ambient lighting.
  • Task lighting helps you achieve a specific purpose—think vanity lights above a bathroom mirror, a table lamp next to an armchair, or pendant lights above a kitchen countertop.
  • Accent lighting, such as track or recessed lighting, is used to highlight artwork, architectural details, furnishings, or other specific features in a space.

What size light fixture do I need?

The size of a ceiling light should be proportional to the room where it hangs; take into account the height of the ceilings as well as the length and width of the room or living space. A multi-tier chandelier may be appropriate for a grand two-story foyer, while semi-flush and flush-mount lights are better for hallways, stair landings, and other spaces with low ceilings.

How big should a light fixture be over a table?

To contribute to a balanced aesthetic, a light fixture should measure one-half to two-thirds the width of the table below it. For example, a chandelier installed above a 60-inch round table should measure between 30 and 40 inches in diameter, while a long linear fixture or oblong chandelier may be more appropriate over a rectangular table. Use the same approach to choose the right size for lighting installed above a kitchen island, billiard table, or other furniture piece.