Shower Bases & Floors

Bases, Floors & Safety Showers

Repair or renovate your shower with a new base or floor. Browse our collection and discover an assortment of sizes, shapes, and styles to fit your shower perfectly. A reinforced solid base replaces a damaged or outdated model in your standup shower; a full-sized floor makes fast work of transforming your bathtub into an accessible walk-in. Designed for a person with limited mobility, a safety shower is open on one side and comes with an extra-wide raised seat, allowing easy transfer into and out of the unit. We offer safety showers with a right- or left-hand drain to fit inside your existing bathtub footprint. Our shower bases and floors are roomy and easy to clean, and feature slip-resistant surfaces and finishes that hinder the growth of mold and mildew. Constructed in fiberglass, stone, acrylic, and other sturdy materials, our shower bases and floors are built to last. Save yourself the time and expense of replacing the entire stall with a durable new shower floor or base from Riverbend Home.