Patio Dining Sets

Outdoor Dining Tables & Chairs

When the mercury rises, it's time to move your entertaining outdoors. Create an alfresco dining room with a patio dining set from Riverbend Home. In options ideal for a large patio or intimate backyard space, our dining sets come with a central table and two to twelve chairs for hosting a small or large group comfortably. Choose an outdoor dining table that works well in your available space and enhances your exterior décor: Porcelain-tiled tabletops and ornate metal detailing complement traditional homes, and sleek, wooden tables showcase modern, minimalist style; opt for a dining set with an umbrella for maximum comfort on sunny days. Outdoor tables and chairs crafted in aesthetically pleasing aluminum, stainless steel, or resin stand up to the elements, and they’re easy to move and store at the end of the season. Whether you’re looking to take more of your family’s meals outside or you routinely entertain large groups outdoors, a Riverbend Home patio dining set will transform your patio, deck, or backyard into an inviting open-air dining area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size outdoor dining set should I get?

Choose an outdoor dining set based on the number of people you typically host for dinner or other occasions. Allow everyone plenty of room to sit comfortably by measuring 18 to 24 inches per place setting, with 6 to 12 between each one. A patio dining table measuring 56 inches is comfortable for up to six people. Adjust the size accordingly for more or fewer guests.

Should I get a patio dining set with an umbrella?

Shelter from the sun makes daytime patio dining more inviting; a patio set with a built-in umbrella provides ample shade for alfresco dining on a sunny day. String a set of outdoor lights through the canopy for illumination at night. Tip: To ensure a proper fit, opt for a table without a built-in umbrella if your patio dining set will go inside a gazebo or under a pergola.

What is a good material for a patio dining set?

Your patio dining set should be constructed in a material made to endure the elements in your area. Whether you experience an abundance of sun, rainy days on end, or blustery winters, a patio dining set made in aluminum, teak wood, or resin will be sturdy and weather-resistant. Riverbend Home offers patio dining sets in attractive styles to enhance your outdoor space.