Kitchen Tools, Gadgets & Utensils

Explore our collection of kitchen tools and stock your kitchen with the gadgets and essentials you need, whether you’re a novice moving into your first apartment or an enthusiastic amateur chef with a passion for trying new things. From juicing citrus to whipping up pancakes to baking bread, most cooking tasks require the right kitchen tools: Discover utensils, prep tools, baking essentials, salt-and-pepper shakers, anti-fatigue kitchen mats, mixing bowls, and more. We offer tools and gadgets from Old Dutch International, Rachel Ray, Jean Dubost, Farberware, Berghoff, KitchenAid, Le Creuset, and other top brands.

Essential Kitchen Tools

From spoons, spatulas, and whisks to turners, tongs, ladles, and more, our essential kitchen utensils and tools come individually or in sets, in a wide range of colors and materials. Nylon, bamboo, silicone, and wood won’t scratch nonstick surfaces; stainless steel utensils are durable and dependable. The adventuresome home chef will enjoy perfectly proportioned ingredients for every new recipe measured in decorative or utilitarian cups and spoons; our vegetable peelers, graters, citrus juicers, potato mashers, can openers, and other tools make fast work of prepping food. Protect your countertops from messy utensils and hot pots and pans with spoon rests and trivets from our collection. We also offer multitasking kitchen shears that do everything from opening food packaging to trimming chicken to quickly cutting up food for the kids.

Kitchen Gadgets & Specialty Cooking Tools

Whether you want to indulge a passion for cooking or you’re taking your kitchen experience to the next level, you’ll find a varied selection of specialty kitchen tools and gadgets at Riverbend Home. Bring international flair to your culinary adventures with a pizza set, pasta press, crêpe scraper, wok, sushi tray, or other kitchen tools that help you create your favorite global cuisine. The impassioned baker will find bench scrapers, mixing bowls, cookie cutters, and rolling pins in our collection, while the pastry aficionado can top off the perfect crème brûlée with a culinary torch.


Expand your recipe repertoire with options from our collection of cookbooks penned by celebrity chefs, famous food bloggers, or from renowned restaurants. Find helpful books offering inspiration and instruction on wide-ranging food-themed topics, from improving your cake-baking skills to mastering the grill. Our collection also includes convenient and attractive cookbook stands to hold open a book or support a tablet while you cook, or to artfully display a cookbook on your countertop.

Set filters to simplify your search and narrow results by brand, item type, and other variables. Whether you’re just starting out on your culinary journey or you’re already an expert, you’ll find the right tools for any kitchen task at Riverbend Home.