Kitchen Colanders & Strainers

Drain pasta, rinse berries, or dress up the kitchen island with a high-quality colander from Riverbend Home. Find heavy-duty stainless steel colanders designed to fit your sink basin, fine mesh strainers for sieving soups and stocks or rinsing rice and small grains, and mesh colanders in a variety of sizes to handle tasks from draining pastas to rinsing vegetables. A foldable colander tucks easily into a drawer when not in use, perfect for a small kitchen where countertop or cabinet space is limited. We also offer ceramic berry colanders at once attractive and functional, as well as copper colanders ideal for displaying.

Colander vs. Strainer: What’s the Difference?

As kitchen tools, colanders and strainers are often used interchangeably, but each is designed with a specific purpose: A bowl-shaped or rectangular colander typically features large holes, two handles, and feet at the base that allow it to stand on its own while you pour a pot of vegetables or cooked pasta into it. A strainer, by contrast, features a fine mesh sieve to use for separating suspended solids from a liquid, such as a soup or stock. Strainers can also be used to rinse rice and other small grains that might slip through a colander’s larger holes.

Whether you prefer a space-saving foldable colander, an elegant copper design, or a fine mesh strainer, you’ll find a durable, high-quality kitchen tool to suit your needs at Riverbend Home.