Floor & Desk Fans

Floor & Desk Fans for Every Room

Riverbend Home offers desk and floor fans that circulate the air and enhance the aesthetic of your rooms. When choosing a desk, floor, or other type of fan, consider the size of the area you want to cool. A large room benefits from a high-velocity floor fan or an oscillating model on a pedestal, configured to push around a high volume of air around at once. A slender tower fan takes up little space and complements a room’s décor in neutral white, black, or grey. Move a box fan from room to room for air circulation on the floor or in a window. A desk or table fan is small enough for a shelf, nightstand, the area front of a computer, or other tight space. A USB-powered desk fan keeps you cool while you work; quiet operation makes it ideal in an office environment. We also carry clip fans for a desk with restricted space. Consider a wall-mount fan for busy, high-traffic areas or rooms with limited floor space. Mount a wall fan in the kitchen, garage, or patio area for a cooling breeze while you work or relax. Many of our fans come with a remote control so you can adjust the fan speed from a distance. Browse floor and desk fans at Riverbend home to find smart solutions for any room in your home.