Recessed Lights

Recessed Light Housing & Trim

Browse recessed lights at Riverbend Home. Can lights, pot lights, downlights—whatever you call them— recessed lights are excellent for rooms with low ceilings, in bathroom showers, or anywhere you’d like to add ambient illumination. These low-profile fixtures require a housing installed in the ceiling, as well as trim for creating a clean, polished look on the exterior. Choose from several types of recessed lighting trim: Classic baffle trim absorbs light to minimize glare and offers a soft glow, and pinhole trim directs light downward to provide precise, focused lighting. Opt for wall-washer lights for highlighting artwork or an architectural feature of your home. If you have sloped ceilings, or need a more versatile option, eyeball-style recessed lights pivot to change the direction of the illumination. For the bathroom, our collection also includes recessed shower lights with tempered glass and gasket seals to keep water out. If you’re looking for a practical, low-profile lighting option for anywhere in your home, browse the selection of recessed lighting at Riverbend Home.