Umbrella Bases

Stands & Bases for Patio Umbrellas

Secure your patio umbrella in summer breezes with an attractive and heavy-duty stand or base. Our patio umbrella bases come in sturdy materials, including cast iron and concrete, that resist wear and tear from the elements. You’ll find a base that complements any outdoor décor from ornate to minimalist; elaborate designs include rose blossoms and Celtic knots in striking colors like green and bronze, while modest styles are streamlined and neutral-hued. We also offer heavy-duty weight plates made to accommodate an umbrella with a cross base design, and fillable bases designed especially for an angled cantilever umbrella. A fillable base or plate is ideal if you move your umbrella often; simply drain the water or remove the sand to lighten the load before repositioning. Give your umbrella the proper support and refine the look of your backyard dining or living area with a durable umbrella base from Riverbend Home.