Cocktailware & Bar Accessories

Complete your home bar with cocktailware and bar accessories suitable for any occasion. A cocktail glass is designed to enhance your drinking experience, specially crafted in a specific shape made to release fragrances and flavors. We offer cocktail glasses in a range of shapes, including whiskey, brandy, highball, double old fashioned, martini, and cordial:

  • Bring out the essence and aroma of your favorite spirits with a whisky glass
  • Let your hand warm the liquid in a snifter to amplify the taste of your brandy
  • Use a highball glass for tall drinks that include cola, tonic water, or other mix-ins
  • Serve a short cocktail or single liquor on the rocks in a double old fashioned glass
  • Prepare a classic libation or serve an elegant dessert in a contemporary martini glass
  • Top off an evening with a shot of liqueur served in a cordial or sherry glass

Not just for the bar, a highball or double old fashioned glass is the perfect size for your table settings, from a formal dinner to a casual lunch.

You’ll find sets and individual glasses in a multitude of styles and colors; clear cocktail glasses are clean and uncomplicated, ideal for a straightforward bar setup or table. Glassware in green, red, or blue hues brings a festive touch to any celebration. Round out your barware collection with cocktail utensils from stirrers to shakers; our selection includes versatile accessories for a variety of applications. Explore cocktailware at Riverbend Home and find the best glasses and barware accessories for your kitchen, bar, or table.