Pendant Lighting

Choosing Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting fixtures are at once functional and decorative, designed to impart style and illumination to a space. These hanging lights can work in any room in your home. From rustic options with wood and metal details to contemporary pendant lights with geometric designs and multiple bulbs, we include a variety of styles, designs, and finishes to complement your individual tastes. Not sure where to start? Consider these variables when choosing the perfect pendant lighting for your home:

The Purpose of the Pendant Lighting

First, determine what function the pendant light will serve in the room. Will it be the main source of light? Explore pendants with a fabric shade, a diffuser, or a semi-opaque finish to create a soft glow. If you’re looking for task lighting to illuminate a home office desk, bathroom vanity, or other specific area, try a pendant with a glass or acrylic shade that can maximize and concentrate the light. Smaller pendants provide excellent accent lighting, and installing a dimmer switch allows you to adjust the light.

The Right Pendant Light Size

The size of your space should directly influence the size of the pendant lighting fixture you choose. In general, the larger the room, the larger the light fixture it requires. An oversized pendant light can create a dramatic focal point, but can easily overwhelm a smaller room, while a small or miniature pendant may not provide enough light or may get lost in a larger space.

Matching Lighting Fixtures to Your Interior Décor

The pendant lighting fixture that’s best for your home depends on your personal tastes and desired aesthetic. Complement nautical décor with lantern-inspired lighting or fixtures with rope or woven details. Opt for pendants with a dark or galvanized metal finish, riveted accents, or a caged design to impart an industrial or farmhouse vibe to your home. Instantly glam up a formal room by installing a pendant light with glass or crystal details.

Properly Positioning Pendant Lights

If pendant fixtures will serve as the primary source of light in the room, hang them evenly throughout the space. Add drama and mimic the effect of a chandelier by grouping multiple smaller pendants together at varying heights in a cluster over a seating area, dining table, or kitchen island. A linear pendant lighting fixture is another excellent option for a dining room or kitchen because of how its shape naturally complements the silhouette of the furniture typically found in these rooms.

To simplify your search, filter results by style, size, color, and other variables. Whatever your ceiling lighting needs, Riverbend Home offers fixtures to suit them. Find more information about how to choose pendant lights in our Advice & Ideas section.