Faux Plants & Florals

Decorating with Artificial Flowers, Plants & Trees

Explore our collection of faux plants, flowers, and trees to find low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing alternatives to fresh botanicals. Ideal for allergy sufferers who want to bring the vibrancy of greenery and florals indoors, high-quality faux plants and florals crafted in silk, plastic, and other materials offer texture, depth, and color that mimic the real thing. They also make excellent options for families with pets or small children, for homes with limited natural sunlight, and for homeowners or apartment dwellers without a green thumb. Our collection includes everything from small bouquets showcasing a single type of flower to faux trees as tall as 10 feet, so you're sure to find the perfect options to brighten your interior décor.

Enjoy the on-trend aesthetic of indoor plants without the hassle of maintenance when you decorate with faux plants and trees. Whether you choose small faux succulents or opt for a lush faux fiddle-leaf fig tree, artificial plants add color and interest to interior spaces; choose versatile artificial plants in fresh, neutral hues to complement any décor. Faux palm trees, potted rose plants, faux bougainvilleas, or hanging artificial plants bring the appeal of the outdoors inside, brightening a sunroom or enclosed garden patio. We also offer artificial outdoor plants perfect for increasing the curb appeal of a porch, balcony, or courtyard.

Prefer a more colorful approach to faux botanicals? Our selection also includes a wide variety of artificial floral arrangements ranging from simple bouquets of peonies, hydrangea, or roses, to ornate arrangements designed to be the centerpiece of a dining table or buffet, to faux flowering shrubs in pots. While some floral décor is appropriate year round, other arrangements are seasonal: Hang a heart-shaped rosebud wreath for Valentine's Day; place a series of potted faux tulips across your windowsill at the first signs of spring; or opt for the rich golden-orange hues of a sunflower and ranunculus arrangement to enhance an early autumn aesthetic.

How to Decorate with Artificial Plants

To make faux plants and flowers feel more realistic, follow a few simple guidelines. First, when possible, place artificial plants near windows or where there is abundant natural light—areas where real plants would actually thrive. Opt for faux flowers in season, and rotate arrangements throughout the year; a vase of hydrangeas will seem strikingly out of place in the middle of the fall, but looks perfect sprucing up your décor in the spring and summer. For faux potted or hanging plants, add a bit of real soil on top of the artificial soil to make them appear more realistic. And, whether you opt for artificial plants, trees, flowers, or all three, wipe them regularly to avoid dust buildup and keep them looking fresh, bright, and clean.

Fill your home with the fresh, natural, look of hassle-free faux flowers, plants, and trees from Riverbend Home.