Jar Candles, Votive Candles & Tealights

Illuminate your home with the soft, warm glow of a candle: Explore our collection to find aromatic candles that add a cozy ambiance in any room. We offer a wide range of scented candles in multiple sizes to suit your needs. Choose from single-, double-, and triple-wick jar candles, jar candle sets, votive candles, and tealights in floral, seasonal, tropical, and culinary-inspired scents.

Add a decorative candle atop a stack of books on a coffee table, in an empty space on a bookshelf, or on your bathroom vanity; choose tealights or votive candles to burn in attractive candle holders. Mini candles in colorful containers make a thoughtful gift, paired with a boxed set of matches. Our collection also includes unscented fuel candles from Lovinflame. Whether you’re looking for tealights to mark place settings at your next dinner party or fragrant jar candles to complement the changing seasons, discover a bounty of options at Riverbend Home.