Venting & Ducting for HVAC Systems, Dryers & Fireplaces

Whether you’re updating your HVAC system or installing a new dryer, proper venting and ducting are essential to ensuring the safety of your home. Browse our collection and find flexible aluminum ducts suitable for use with bathroom and utility fans, clothes dryers, kitchen ranges, HVAC systems, and water lines. We also offer venting and ducting supplies for specific applications: In a range of diameters and lengths, chimney liner kits provide proper ventilation for gas-powered heating systems and gas fireplaces. A dryer vent safely directs exhaust from the clothes dryer to the exterior of the home. A pipe collar is a type of roof flashing designed to create a seal around the vent pipes that protrude from your roof. Find the solutions to your venting and ducting needs at Riverbend Home.