Shower Stalls

Shower Stall Kits & Modules

Our selection of shower stalls makes it easy to add a shower to any bathroom in your home. We offer shower stall kits, wall systems, and modules from top brands, including Mustee and Swan. When browsing our shower stalls, be sure to consider the following variables:

  • Configuration: Whether you’d like to install your shower in a corner, an alcove, or simply up against a wall, we offer a shower stall or wall system to suit your needs.
  • Space: Next, measure your space to narrow your search options. Shower stalls are available in a range of sizes, from 30” square stalls to tub-size rectangular wall kits.
  • Plumbing:If the shower base or pan is included in the shower stall kit, measure to make sure the location of the drain works with your existing plumbing.

Once you’ve made your selection, complete your shower stall kit with a shower door. Whether you’re tackling a bathroom remodel or designing from scratch, you’ll find a shower stall to suit your needs at Riverbend Home.