Toilet Seats

Round, Elongated & Open-Front Toilet Seats

Update your bathroom with a new toilet seat from Riverbend Home. Our collection includes toilet seats with or without a lid, in assorted round, elongated, and open-front configurations. Available with enhanced features, including easy-to-clean and slow-close designs, our superior-quality toilet seats offer attractive and sturdy options to match your décor and personal needs.

An open-front toilet seat provides a hygienic solution in a public restroom or residential bathroom with heavy traffic. Easy-clean toilet seats come with special hinges that snap on and off, making them simple to remove for thorough scrubbing. A slow-close model features a hinge system that prevents accidental slamming when lowering the toilet seat or lid. For a comfortable bathroom experience, a soft toilet seat provides a padded area that makes sitting for long periods more tolerable. Some of our toilet seats are constructed with a surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Explore our selection of toilet seats from American Standard, Toto, Church, and other top makers and find the right options for your bathroom.

Do All Toilet Seats Fit the Same?

No. Toilets and seats come in different shapes and sizes. The two main toilet shapes in the U.S. are round and elongated. Sizes can vary in width and length. To ensure a proper fit, find your toilet shape and obtain accurate measurements before purchasing a new seat. We offer round and elongated toilet seats from American Standard, Toto, Chuch, and other top brands.

How Do I Know My Toilet Seat Size?

The best way to know your toilet seat size is to measure your toilet. To obtain the width, measure the toilet bowl across at its wide point. A typical toilet bowl width is 14” to 14.5”. To obtain the bolt width of your toilet, locate the bolt holes at the very back of the bowl and measure from the center of the left bolt hole to the center of the right one. The standard measurement is typically 5” to 5.5”. To obtain the length, measure from the center front of the toilet bowl to the center of the hinges between the bolt holes. A standard round toilet bowl should measure between 16 and 17 inches. A standard elongated toilet bowl should measure between 18” and 19”.

Are Elongated Toilet Seats More Comfortable?

Elongated toilet seats are sometimes more comfortable because they better fit the body’s shape when seated. An elongated toilet seat also offers more room in the front and back. Whether you prefer elongated or round, select your new toilet seat based on the shape of your toilet.

How Often Should You Replace Your Toilet Seat?

How often you replace your toilet seat depends on its materials, the amount of use, and the hardware. A standard toilet seat should last between five and seven years. Replace a toilet seat sooner if it breaks, becomes too loose, or it’s no longer comfortable. Riverbend Home offers sturdy toilet seats in a variety of durable materials.