Plumbing Valves

Ball, Check, Relief & Shut-Off Valves

Riverbend Home offers a selection of valve types for your plumbing projects, including, ball, check, relief, and shut-off. Designed to control the flow or buildup of water or pressure in the plumbing system, each type of valve serves a specific purpose.

  • Controlled by a lever outside the unit, a ball valve regulates the flow of liquid through a pipe via a rotating sphere inside a housing mechanism.
  • Automatic and manual shut-off valves stop the flow of water from escaping pipes and causing serious damage to your property.
  • An automatic valve kit for the water heater detects leaks, sends an alert, and shuts off the flow in seconds.
  • A check valve protects equipment from backflow damage by preventing a reverse of water in your pipeline.
  • Pressure relief valves reduce water pressure in the piping system to keep it from building up and causing a pipe to burst.

Our valves and accessories come in bronze, brass, stainless steel, and other durable materials that endure heavy use. We also offer plumbing valve accessories, including, handles, breakers, sensors, and strainers. Explore the ball, check, relief, and shut-off valves at Riverbend Home to find the best options for your next plumbing project.