Pet Beds

Dog Beds, Pet Tents & Cat Trees

Explore attractive and functional pet beds at Riverbend Home and find a bounty of options for your dog or cat. The best pet beds offer your dog or cat a comfortable, supportive place to rest, stand up to heavy use, and complement your home’s décor. For the pet who spends most of the day snoozing, a quality spot to curl up is crucial. Our dog bed selection includes orthopedic dog loungers made from memory foam, thin and cushioned dog pads designed to fit standard crate sizes, pillow-style pet beds, and dog beds with bolsters for extra-cozy canine comfort. Choose from a range of sizes and waterproof or washable cover options to suit your décor and to simplify cleanup.

Cats are quite adept at finding a warm, cozy place to sleep, and a dog bed may do the trick, but we also offer pet tents, donut-style pet beds, and covered pet beds for cats (or pups) who prefer privacy or den-like reassurance while they rest. Part pet bed and part play space, a cat tree is an essential for any home with felines. If form matters to you as much as function, you’ll find much to love in our selection of style-oriented cat and dog bed designs, from elevated cat beds crafted in metal or wood to structured felt dog beds with a modern aesthetic. To choose the right size pet bed, measure your dog or cat in their standard sleeping position—whether curled up or stretched out—and choose a cushion size that will accommodate those dimensions. Whatever sleeping style your pet prefers, find a bed that keeps them comfortable and feeling like part of the family at Riverbend Home.