Alkaline, Lithium & Nickel Batteries

Keep your flashlights, remote controls, and electronic devices fully charged and ready to go with a long-lasting alkaline, lithium, or nickel battery. We offer alkaline batteries in AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-volt sizes, in single and multi-packs. Keep a generous supply of batteries in common sizes on hand for quick power when your expired batteries need replacing. Stockpile 9-volt batteries for the semiannual battery replacement in your fire and smoke detectors. Opt for 3- and 6-volt lithium batteries to power a watch, calculator, electronic faucet, or toy. If you need a Ni-MH nickel battery for your cordless pressing tools, you’ll find them here. Explore durable lithium and alkaline batteries that provide hours of power to all of your electric equipment, from American Standard, Rayovac, and other trusted brands.