Water Supply Pipes, Stop Valves, P-Traps & Other Plumbing Parts

Explore water supplies, stops, and traps at Riverbend Home to find the right parts and pieces to fix your plumbing problem, whether it pops up in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. From P-traps and dishwasher tailpieces to extension tubes, connectors, and stop valves, our collection has you covered. Find fixtures crafted in brass, stainless steel, PVC, PEX, copper, and other durable materials, from top brands, including Brasscraft, Dearborn, Brasstech, Fluidmaster, Keeney, Walrich, and Watts.

In addition to standard water supply pipes, PEX or brass tubing, and the necessary connecting pieces, we include stop valves that shut off water where it enters the home, or for a specific appliance. Explore straight and angle-stop valves in several sizes and materials to suit your needs. If you want to attach stop valves to your sink or toilet, browse our faucet risers, sometimes referred to as riser tubes or simply risers, designed for this purpose.

Proper plumbing installation also involves the traps under your fixtures. A water trap is a curved piece of drainpipe beneath a sink, toilet, shower, or other plumbing fixture, that fills with water to create a seal and to prevent sewer gases from re-entering the home. P-traps are the most common type of plumbing trap—used with toilets, kitchen sinks, and laundry sinks—and will always maintain a seal when installed properly. We also offer waste arms that connect the trap with its protecting vent.

Whether you’re looking for a waste trap, a wall hydrant, or the small bolts and fittings that hold your pipes together, you’ll find them in water supplies, stops, and traps at Riverbend Home.