Water Supply, Risers & Stops

Water Supply Lines, Faucet Risers & Stop Valves

Browse water supply lines, risers, and stops at Riverbend Home and find plumbing essentials to move water from your main supply lines to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. A stop valve allows you to control the flow of water to a fixture, or to shut off the water supply for maintenance or repair. Explore angle stops, dual-outlet stop valves, and straight stop valves in rough brass and polished chrome finishes in our selection. Faucet risers, toilet connectors, dishwasher connectors, and other water supply lines in a variety of lengths connect the stop valve to the fixture. Our collection also includes escutcheons, sweat adapters, replacement kits, and other essential parts. Find water supply products from Brasscraft, Brasstech, Fluidmaster, and other top plumbing brands at Riverbend Home.