Landscape & Path Lighting

Landscape, Path & Accent Lighting

Keep your family safe and secure while lighting up your landscape, paths, and walkways for nighttime enjoyment. Use pathway, accent, deck, and in-ground well lights to illuminate your home and landscape while adding ambiance to outdoor entertainment areas. Riverbend Home offers plenty of path and landscape lighting choices in every type, style, and finish you're looking for to suit your needs.

Illuminate Walkways With Path Landscape Lights

Path landscape lighting allows you to see your way through the dark without flooding an entire area with light. A series of small, low-to-the-ground lights along pathways and walkways provides essential illumination. Place path lights at both sides of the walkway spaced five to eight feet apart to safely guide guests to your house. Find pathway landscape lights in an array of shapes, including dome, square, pyramid, lantern, and more. Eco-friendly options include long-lasting LED and solar lights.

Transform Outdoor Spaces With Deck and Step Lights

Use deck lights and sconces to transform your pool, backyard patio, or outdoor seating area into a nighttime entertainment space. Deck lights illuminate the outdoors when guests gather, and they enhance your security all year long. Step and rail landscape lights are ideal for a deck or porch where dark spots can be a safety hazard. Many of our deck sconces and step lights include LED options as well as bright halogen models.

Highlight Your Landscape With Spot and In-Ground Well Lights

Spot and in-ground well lights draw attention to a fence, flag pole, topiary, your home’s front elevation, or other landscape structures with a clear, clean beam free from halos and scallops. Landscape spot lights cast a narrow beam no wider than 45 degrees and can be staked directly in the ground or secured on a mounting stem. In-ground well lights provide discreet illumination near patios, around shrubbery, and along garden paths. We also offer well light accessories, including colored lenses, guard glare shields, and pour kits.