Outdoor Flood & Spot Lights

Illuminate the Landscape With Flood & Spot Lights

When you need to cast a glow on your driveway, deck, walkways, or backyard pond, install an outdoor flood or spot light. These high-intensity landscape lights will brighten and safely illuminate your exterior spaces. We offer a wide variety of flood and spot lights in colors and finishes that complement your décor beautifully.

Outdoor Flood Lights

A flood light shines across a large outdoor area, with a beam spread of up to 120 degrees. Mount a flood light on your garage, deck, or other outdoor structure at a height of at least nine feet for even illumination across a driveway, parking area, or garden. Whether you're looking for an LED flood light or an adjustable two-light halogen, you'll find just what you need to brighten your home’s exterior.

Outdoor Spot Lights

A spot light casts a clear, narrow beam no wider than 45 degrees. Mount a spot light in the ground with a spike or on a landscape post. Concentrated spot light beams are easier to direct and control, ideal for highlighting specific objects like a flag pole, tree, your home’s exterior elevations, or other structures. Underwater pond spot lights are completely submersible and create dramatic effects in small bodies of water and fountains.

Whether you're looking for a standard 120-volt, low-voltage model, LED, or solar-powered lamp, Riverbend Home offers the flood or spot light you've been searching for to illuminate your landscape.