Portable, Wall & Window Air Conditioners

An Air Conditioner for Every Room

As the mercury climbs outdoors, a portable, wall, or window air conditioner provides a simple solution for cooling the individual rooms inside your home. If you’re looking for an air conditioner that doesn’t require heavy lifting or window placement, consider a portable unit. Not only is a portable air conditioner easy to install and use, but it also offers the convenience of mobility. A portable A/C unit sits on casters so you can roll it from room to room for instant cooling. Unlike a standard wall or window air conditioner, many portable models come in aesthetically pleasing colors, including black, gray, and white with colored trim, making them more attractive in your living areas.

A window air conditioner is designed to fit into a single- or double-hung window, while a wall model must be placed in a wall through a sleeve that typically requires professional installation. Though they are not easily moved, a window or wall A/C unit is easy to use and relatively energy-efficient. Our portable, wall, and window air conditioning units are available with remote controls so you can change the temperature or fan speed from a distance. Some units offer smart technology that allows you to control your A/C unit from your smartphone or personal assistant—even when you’re not at home. Set your smart air conditioner to cycle on as you leave work to cool your home’s interior before you arrive. Explore our selection of portable, wall, and window air conditioners to find an array of options for your home cooling needs.