Charcoal Grills

Grilling With Charcoal

Favored for the smoky, flame-broiled flavor they impart, charcoal grills are a favorite for backyard grill masters and weekend tailgaters alike. Grilling with charcoal requires a longer startup time than its gas counterpart, and demands a smidgen of patience and skill, as the briquettes must be manually lit and closely monitored to maintain the right cooking temperature. But avid grillers agree that the distinctive charcoal flavor is well worth the effort. Explore our collection to find the best charcoal grill for your needs: A folding charcoal grill makes an excellent option for those who live in a small apartment or have limited outdoor space, while small tabletop charcoal grills work well for tailgating, camping adventures, or beachside barbeques. Less portable and more expensive than its folding or tabletop counterparts, an egg-shaped ceramic grill offers exceptional heat circulation for quick and consistent cooking, and also pulls double duty as a smoker. Whether you’re looking for the perfect portable charcoal grill for your next tailgate party, or a ceramic charcoal grill for seasonal outdoor cooking, you’ll find it at Riverbend Home.