Gas Grills

Propane Gas Grills

Explore our collection of propane gas grills to find the perfect appliance for cooking outdoors. Powered by a liquid propane tank, these grills are versatile, convenient, and easy to clean. A gas grill starts quickly and maintains a steady temperature, and makes an excellent option for the grilling novice or expert. Unlike grills that require a natural gas line, portable propane grills are not tied to a single spot: Tabletop gas grills work well for apartment or condominium dwellers, but also pack up and transport easily for tailgating or camping. Larger three-, four-, or five-burner gas grills with wheels are easy to maneuver on a deck or patio; tuck your grill into a corner when not in use, and pull it out when it's time for a cookout. We also offer propane-powered Brazilian grills, which utilize a multi-skewer rotisserie system to ensure an even cook for chicken, fish, steak, and vegetables.

From choosing the best gas grill to learning how to get your gas grill ready for grilling season, Riverbend Home is your destination to find everything you need for a great grilling experience.