Knife Sets

Kitchen Knife & Cutlery Sets

Stock your kitchen with a knife set and be ready to prep whatever fruits, vegetables, meats, and more you need for your next meal. Explore our collection to find standard and specialty kitchen knife sets from top brands, including Henckels, Cuisinart, French Home, Jean Dubost, Berghoff, and Wusthoff. If you're starting with the basics, opt for a two- or three-piece knife set with a chef's knife and a paring or utility knife at a minimum, as well as a bread knife; with these essential kitchen knives, you can handle nearly any chopping, slicing, peeling, or dicing task. Enthusiastic amatuer chefs and professionals alike will want to look for more complete knife sets, which may contain a boning knife, utility knife, honing steel, kitchen shears, or steak knives, in addition to the essential paring and chef's knives. Browse our complete knife block sets in 4- to 36-piece options to find the best one to suit your needs.

Looking for something more specific? Our selection includes several steak knife sets from 4 to 8 pieces; opt for steak knives with a wooden block or sturdy box to keep your steak knives organized and sharp. Two- or three-piece carving sets include a carving knife and two-tined carving fork for holding the meat in place; some come with a carving board. A kitchen shear set is helpful for opening food packaging, trimming meat, chopping herbs, and other culinary tasks. For serving and entertaining, we also offer specialty cheese knife sets, cheese spreader sets, breakfast sets, and butter knife sets.

Whether you're looking for a starter knife set or a specialty carving set for holiday occasions, you'll find it in cutlery sets at Riverbend Home.