Modern Décor & Lighting

Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern & Contemporary Décor

Browse our modern décor and lighting and discover elevated options to impart a twentieth-century aesthetic to your home. Minimal, uncluttered, monochromatic, modern décor prioritizes function and streamlined form. This Scandinavian-inspired style covers a time period from the turn of the 20th century through the 1950s and ’60s, and incorporates clean lines, sleek structures, metals and other reflective surfaces, and natural materials. Whether your tastes run to the opulent aesthetic of the 1920s Art Deco movement or the sleek appeal of mid-century modern style, you’ll find ample options for furnishing, decorating, and illuminating your home in our collection of modern décor and lighting. For those who prefer something more of-the-moment, we include décor and lighting that put a contemporary spin on modern style. From structural modern chandeliers to sleek ceiling fans, mirrored side tables to splayed-leg desks, and striking abstract sculptures to stunning painted artwork, our collection offers retro-inspired style for any home.

Add Art Deco Design Appeal with Sleek Surfaces & Gilded Details

Embrace the opulence and appeal of the 1920s with modern décor and lighting that feature gilded details, repetitive geometric shapes, and reflective surfaces. When incorporating Art Deco décor and lighting into your home, look to The Great Gatsby for style inspiration. Start with a clean black-and-white color palette and add in plenty of silver or gold accents. Search out pieces with straight lines and repeating patterns—accent tables with metal legs make it easy to incorporate squares, diamonds, semi-circles, and other geometric shapes. Add a gold-plated mirror on the wall, opt for a pair of marble-accented modern lamps, and install crystal-covered chandeliers or sconces for eye-catching illumination in any space.

Opt for Mid-Century Modern Décor with Natural, Neutral Elements

Popularized during the 1950s and 60s, mid-century modern style is defined by a straightforward aesthetic, a neutral color palette, and a focus on function. Whether you’re searching for a credenza for your dining room or a coffee table for a mid-century living room, look for low, horizontal structures with exposed, splayed legs and streamlined silhouettes. Natural woods and wood veneers can be incorporated into everything from furniture to modern pendant lights to decorative accents. Finally, add lighting that speaks to the time period: With sunburst-style linear arms each supporting an individual rounded bulb, Sputnik chandeliers and other similar light fixtures are a hallmark of mid-century modern lighting.

Embrace an Of-the-Moment Aesthetic with Contemporary Takes on Modern Décor

Commonly confused with modern design, contemporary décor is a distinct style movement on its own—one that is constantly evolving as it aims to keep up with current trends and embrace a futuristic feel. Contemporary décor prioritizes style: Look for curved silhouettes instead of straight lines, decorative accents more ornamental than they are functional, and contrast through the use of color. Simplicity still reigns supreme in contemporary décor, which embraces the clutter-free minimalism of modern style, so choose unadorned furniture and keep home accents at a minimum. Place a pair of modern vases on either side of a mantle, fill space on an empty shelf with a striking sculpture, or add abstract wall art that complements your room’s color palette.

Whether you prefer the gilded details of the Art Deco period, the low-profile look of mid-century modern décor, or the old-meets-new appeal of contemporary design, you’ll find pieces to fit your home in our collection. Set filters to narrow results by item type, style, color, material, and other variables.