Space Heaters

Warm Your Interior Spaces With Safe, Efficient Electric Heaters

When temperatures drop, ensure comfort in your home with electric spaces heaters and room heaters. Whether serving to supplement central or baseboard heating systems, or as the sole source of heat for a garage, workroom, or other defined space, an electric heater makes an energy-efficient and economical option because of its focused heating power. Explore our collection to find electric tower heaters, personal or desktop heaters, portable space heaters, infrared stove heaters, and more, including room heaters that can heat a space up to 300 square feet.

For easy-to-control comfort, opt for an electric space heater with multiple temperature settings, a remote control, touch screen, oscillating options, or digital display. Timers, auto shutoff functionality, cool-touch cases, tip-over protection, and other advanced safety features enhance your home with worry-free warmth. Create a comfortable environment in any room of your home when you explore our selection of electric space heaters from Vornado, Lifesmart, and Lasko.