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Toilet Parts

Tanks, Seats & Fixtures for the Toilet

Replace a cracked toilet bowl, fix a leaky tank, or update your flusher with the parts and accessories available at Riverbend Home. Explore our collection to find the right options to repair, replace, or renovate your bathroom fixtures. We offer the high-quality toilet bowls, parts, and accessories you need for your next big project.

Toilet Bowls & Seats

Replacing a toilet bowl is a cost-effective way to give your bathroom a boost without costly renovations. Choose a round, elongated, floor-mount, wall-mount, elevated, or bidet-style toilet bowl in the height, width, and color you need. Find classic white or beige options to complement a traditional bathroom, or a black toilet bowl to add drama to a modern bathroom. Explore toilet seats in wide-ranging styles to replace an existing seat; choose from open-front, elongated, round, or slow-close toilet seats in versatile designs to complement your bathroom décor.

Toilet Tanks & Covers

Match your bowl with a new toilet tank. Ours come with high-efficiency and low-consumption flushing systems that use less water than a conventional toilet. Find a toilet tank with the type of flush that meets your needs, including left- or right-hand, dual top-button, or side-mount styles. Looking for a replacement toilet tank cover? We include those in our collection, too. Choose a tank in a color and shape that matches your existing toilet fixture.

Toilet Repair Parts

When all you need are a few small parts for basic toilet repair, you’ll find them here. A damaged toilet flapper is the leading cause of a leaking or running toilet. Replace your broken flapper with a rubber, plastic, or silicone assembly to keep the toilet quiet and dry. A fill valve works in tandem with the flapper, controlling the replacement of water in a tank after the toilet is flushed. We carry fill valves from quality makers, including American Standard and Fluidmaster. Fix the minor issues in and around your toilet with our closet bolts, wax rings, seals, gaskets, and coupling kits.

Flush Handles & Flushometers for Toilets & Urinals

Replace a broken toilet flush handle or update your old one to match existing bathroom hardware. Our toilet flush handles come in an assortment of materials and styles, including chrome, plastic, lever, plate, and button. A flushometer is a device for a tankless toilet or urinal. Made in brass, bronze, and other sturdy metals, our flushometers are quality-built to last; many feature water conservation modes for periods of heavy use. Some urinal flushometers come with a sensor that allows hands-free operation for better hygiene. We also carry wall-mount flush plates in styles and finishes to complement a contemporary bathroom.