Toilet Flushometers & Flush Valves

Flushometers & Flush Valves for Toilets

A toilet flushometer or flush valve is an efficient solution to sustain a sanitary environment and reduce maintenance at a heavy-use facility. Made to use with a tankless toilet, a flushometer or flush valve features an exposed design with a lever or sensor. A manual flush valve comes with a lever handle; many flushometer levers are ADA-compliant. A sensor-activated flushometer features an electronic mechanism that allows hygienic, hands-free operation, ideal for maintaining cleanliness in a commercial facility. Our toilet flushometers come with water conservation modes for periods of heavy use, and they’re made in brass, bronze, chrome, and other sturdy materials.

You’ll also find a selection of wall-mount flush plates in styles and finishes that complement an ultra-modern bathroom. A wall-mount flush plate offers both dual flush and start/stop actuation with a push-button operation. Our vertical and horizontal wall-mount flush plates are compatible with AV1 pneumatic discharge valves. Explore the flushometers at Riverbend Home to find the best options for your residential or commercial toilets.